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Covid-19 and piano/voice lessons

Music = Happy Faces
Ready to roll!
Theory and rhythm - you've got to get th
Jessie's whiteboard
Three angles and lots of positivity!
STML Online Studio
Warm ups and happy faces
Lessons are focused and fun!
Setting up
Side, overhead and screen share.. we've got it all going on!
We can annotate sheet music live!

Due to the recent Government announcement regarding COVID-19, Sadie is offering lessons ONLINE as well as in person!

Online lessons will officially be offered for current students from Monday 23rd March 2020, in a bid to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and well.  During this uncertain time, we need to try and maintain things that bring us joy and (obviously!) one of those things is MUSIC!  Lesson times will be adapted slightly and tuition will be charged at the usual rate.   Click the pdf below for more information!

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